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Some Good Solid Advice
Data Backup, Some Good Solid Advice
Have you backed up your data? hummm followed by a blank stare that's what I hear and see alot. Dont let this be you and dont wait until you have to tell your significant other that hummm the computer just died, and along with it all the family photos. My recomendation is two fold.
#2 Crashplan online backup. You just download a small program install it tell it where you important files are and then forget about it. Yeah it's that easy. A Crashplan subscription will run you as little as $5.00  per month for unlimited storage for 1 computer or $12.00 per month for the family pack (10 computers)  additional plans are also available.  Then if your computer dies your data wont. You just fix your computer or get a new one reinstall your Crashplan and download your files and your back in business.
#1 is just plain and simple, it's an external hard drive. You just drag and drop your files. My favorite drive is the My Passport Essential from Western Digital it's small compact and is powered from the usb cord so there are no power cords to worry about.
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