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Data Backup, Some Good Solid Advice
Local Backup + Online Backup
Crashplan features real-time backup to safe and secure  online servers. Crashplan combines the speed & convenience of local protection with the disaster-proof protection and accessibility of online backup!

Real-time Protection
Many other online backup services have a serious flaw; their software only backs up when it feels like it. Ask yourself this, do you know when you're going to lose data? Crashplan protects files as soon as they change, reducing the chance of data loss to a minimum.

Your Data is Secure
Crashplan online backup encrypts data files on your computer BEFORE transmission to secure  online backup servers featuring 8 locations Minneapolis, Atlanta, San Francisco ,Japan, Ireland, Australia and Singapore. With Crashplan backup you choose the encryption key for maximum security.

Grows with You
Other online backup services charge for storage you don't need, or advertise 'unlimited' storage **but only for one computer**. With Crashplan online backup buy what you need today and upgrade as needs grow. Plus install the software on ALL your devices. Crashplan online backup is perfect for families, friends, and businesses.

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